Can’t pad up for the next few days, razor shaved my butt yesterday and the razor bumps are really bad 😭😓😖

I have to wear plastic pants to bed cause I might be a super soaker 🙈🙈🙈

Outfit change and I might be a little stinky... don’t tell daddy tho 😳 I’m a big boy I promise. 😱😖

Relaxing after work 🥳 I like the white with the printed diapers, you can see through it and can really tell how little I am underneath. :diaper: :blobaww: (sidenote, the union suit is from nasty pig for those wondering)

@Littleboyrami I love tykables, but I’m growing fond of crinklz as well... Dry 24/7s are my favorite plain one.

@babiedboi I got it from a local Chicago shop but it’s made by nasty pig. There are options on amazon that are similar. Search for “union suits”

Changed my mind, big boy jammies with little boy padding. Night bigs and littles 🥳 :diaper:

Feeling rashy tonight :( taking a night off. 😭😭

@TeddynHislittle : I didn’t make it haha I’m such a sog monster 😈

Not changing until I beat KH2 🤣 it’s getting pretty full 😓😓

From a few months ago but will probably be me tonight after work. 🤷🏻‍♂️😛👶🏼

More video games ☺️ Feeling cute might delete later. 🙈🧐

Who is doing capcon this year? Asking for me. 🥰👶🏼

Throwback when I had facial hair and wanted to see how a harnessed little guy looked (Jan 2018)

From this morning, felt really little cause I don’t remember wetting last night. 😱😏

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