I’m always impressed when my diaper is sooooooo squishy but doesn’t leak 😅

was a super cool thunder storm ⚡⚡ all last night. was relay angry sounding 😁. I counted 2 seconds

but today it's super dry and sunny.. too hot for me so guess it's just underwear for rest of the day.

:blobpeek: still sneaking around on here, and been padded lots too, just been kinda shy lately

oh 🐳, guess sleepy time now... probably need a change 1st though

Nothing like waking up already diapered and in little mode! A few pics from my latest diaper morning 😁 :baby_dummy:

😝🌻 Did someone say.... Thick Thursday!? 😜⭐🍼

Was a Cold morning, just me waiting for the bath.

I did take diaper off before bath although it does not look like it, butt did have a Pampers size 7 as a booster.

Woo-hoo! I had this piece done for me by @mostlyodourless and it turned out amazingly! This is pretty much me in a nutshell when I’m little.

I only wear this outfit on Easter - perhaps you’d like to be the one to dress me up in it next year?

I’m still looking for a Daddy or Mommy who’s more interested in diapering and babying this boy than taking him to bed, and always taking applications:


It’s a good thing I always have some cloth diapers around, just in case I run out of disposables, but they make pants a bit tricky.

big fluffy diaper butt today... only problem all my clothes that fit are in the wash.. guess am staying in my sleeper for a while :D

Good day everyone! I hope you're all doing well amid this crazy time.
I just changed and staying in just a diaper, socks and TShirt during the day. Why wear pants anyways ... Hee Hee 😜

Testing out the ABU diaper sizes. Starting with small... hmm bit too small, Now I have to wait till all the aliens go bye bye to continue the experiment.

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