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Me getting ready to go get the starter set of keyforge!
I recently got into it and I'm really excited to play it with my friends😁

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3 wettings later
Still dry in the back so I'm gonna keep going

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Alpha said I should get locked up for the week so here starts the countdown
Day 1/7

So my pull-ups are a little short to be useful all the time...😖

Look at the sub I've found online
He wants to try and wear more diapers, and needs to be humiliated to show how much he needs to be in diapers
Who think he should be in diapers 247?

For those who may want to ask me questions. Ask away and you are not limited to the questions on the list.

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Pull-ups for the night
Hopefully I don't wet them too much

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Last wetting before having to get ready for the new years party🐶

Remember to be responsible guys tonight! Pad up and no leaks ;)

Pull-ups or diapers?
Pull-ups mean I can go out and shop for clothes for work, diapers mean I can play video games and not worry about potty breaks.
Let me know what you think I should do 😁

Always feel a little... little when I mess my diaper. Especially in pjs

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