Bunbun says it’s bedtime for little ones already!
He was so nice to already get nini paci and baba for me...

I really don’t know why you all decided to follow me but thank you all so much!
Have a wonderful super nice day you all!

Just normal late night summer couch time.
And no one would guess there is anything other than normal underwear around my hips!
Pssst! *I hide the diaper under big kids nighttime underwear and now no one can see them!*
Also it’s just too warm for pjs...

I really like what the undies do to my padded bum 😅😊 and they make sure everything is nice and snug at skin. Feels great I think.

Have a good night everyone! 😘😴

Have a nice day you all!
Don’t know if I shared this pics already 🤷🏼‍♀️
Hope you like em non the less!
It’s a no-potty-privilege day for me 😅

I have spoiled myself with new jamies! 😅😳🙈
And I even get the matching diapers for it! 💜 Princess Pink 💜
Happy easter subsequent 🐣

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Most perfect dress ever for a high class little ever??? Eeeee!!!!? :DDD

Hi you all! 😅 have a nice day while I present my silly bumy and tights 🙈
Where’s mommy?? Until I found her I can still wear the tights!

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It's a good thing I'm not an exhibitionist and not feeling guilty about not posting recently and didn't like haff any unused photos from that shoot... <///<

Changing into big blue diapee and try out new light equipment for fun 🙃😅😊
Hope someone likes it 😊
I don’t like how my legs look on the picture 😐 what do you think?

Oh and it’s a FormaCare by the way... with two stuffer in it for longer wearing time 😅😳😳🙈🙈

Never play with your smartphone laying on your back and holding it in top of your face...
I get tired and my fingers get flimsy and.. and now my nose hurts!!

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Last Christmas Mommy got me permanent laser hair removal for my face and backside and ... er.. bits~ <///<

We'd agreed I could keep some of my grown up hair downstairs so I wouldn't stand out too much in the locker room, showers, an hots tubs an stuff...

Th-th-this isn't what I had in mind!!!!!!! >//////////<

Wanna help me changing? I’m almost done, only have to close the onesie...

Do you use changing mats for diapering too?
They give me an extra little feeling 😊

Princess Pink diapees are sooo comfy 💜! And the LittlesLaboratory onesie is soft and fits great 😊

It’s a bow-in-hair evening and cute onesie and paddings too!
Hope everyone has a nice evening!

Have a super little evening everyone!
Just revived the Rearz Violet Seduction and they’re suuuper purple and suuuper soft! Feels very near to the Princess ones.

Coloring out sheets can be sooo relaxing!
I just found out that Little‘s Laboratory have some really cute coloring in sheets on their website! And they’re free for download!

Little me has coloring out one sheet... it was so much fun!
But the result really looks like a littles painting 🙈
I show it you anyway! 😊


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Hey s!!!

It don matter if yoor big or smol, Or yoor short or tall,
Is not if yoor are hairy or smoof, Got a pretty layette or bab it up nude,
Whether yoor lonely or smothered,
Daytime trained or can't be bothered,
Sok if yoo are muscley or comfy,
Whether yoo take your years as months bawling or count your decades for years crawling,
Uh huh, yup... even if yoor triple nappied or just have padding yearning...

Yoo can still be cute, precious, cherished, protec, an ~little~

I’m berry big today! Even made it to the potty! Uh huh!
I’m allowed to wear big kid’s super cute undies, look! They’re beautiful and... ohh...
I.. I ha.. had a tiny accident 🙈 *blushes*
*pokes now squishy DryNites*

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OK so change of Plans. I am looking for little cheaper end diapers the Rearz i am getting some but i need a lower cost one that still gives an OK look and feel to them any suggestions? I have been using Abena L4's and i am OK with them just want to try something new and better you know?

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