My cute baby boy @littletigertonio is a true artist. And just for me, he made this wonderful painting of him and me. Schlafenzeit means Bed Time (did I mention he is fluent in German??) See Daddy reading a bed time story??

This weekend is Father's Day here in Amsterdam and being the good little baby boy that he is, @littletigertonio made me this absolutely splendid Happy Father's Day card! He's a real artist, as is plain to see. Thanks, little tigre boy! Rowwrr!

Paddedfox making a selfie in the guest pj's (Mark & Spencer's, I'll have you know!). And holding the guest stuffy. If you ever visit and you don't have your own stuffy with you, that little guy will keep you company. He's very good at that and he loves having littles around!

The day I took @abenjaminbutton to the zoo... It was a day outing, we had to change him at some point.

Paddedcammy having fun with the soap bubble gun in the boys room in my flat in Amsterdam. We had such a great time together and hopefully he will be back soon.

As all of my boys know, Daddy likes nothing more than putting his baby boy in his bath. And after staying for a few days with me and his big brother Max and visiting Club Luier, my little boy @paddedcammy2 presented me with this, a bath duck as was never seen before. And I can’t wait to proudly share it with all of you diapered baby boys out there! It totally captures the joy of being Daddy to an AB! The little duckling is even diapered, see? Have you had your bath today, little buddy?

@abenjaminbutton being helpful around the house.... He managed to get most of the paint on the wall and not on himself! Isn't he a good little boy??

@abenjaminbutton and @montuur tumbling around in amsterdaddy's bed... MY bed... Must be Sunday morning??!

@abenjaminbutton in the boys room reading The Dangerous Book for Boys .... You think I should let him??

Cammy self checking his diaper .... We had such an amazing time when he spent part of his holiday this summer in Amsterdam.

One of a small flotilla of airplane models in the boys room... All made by big bro Max. It took so much work and patience... even amsterdaddy himself is not allowed to touch them, see the skull and bones?

One of amsterdaddy's boys
@littletigertonio made him this wonderful drawing for Father's Day, making me the proudest Daddy ever...

It's hard for amsterdaddy's boys to keep their room tidy .... That's a great diaper bag and no boy should leave the house without it.

amsterdaddy helping one of his boys in his onesie ... Stand still, there's a good little boy.

This is my Daddy bath duck... See? He's got a diapered little under his wing!

Daddy got to be Santa at the Amsterdam Diaper Club meeting last Sunday. And there was a killer karaoke! is a community-led microblogging platform. We’re part of a decentralised federated social network, based on the open-source Mastodon project. is hosted on our own servers and supported by our patrons – we don’t sell your personal data or have ads.