My cute baby boy @littletigertonio is a true artist. And just for me, he made this wonderful painting of him and me. Schlafenzeit means Bed Time (did I mention he is fluent in German??) See Daddy reading a bed time story??

@amsterdad I love your drawing style, @littletigertonio ! 🤩

Those bedtime stories must be the best ☺️.

@amsterdad Ich habe noch einen langen Weg vor mir, aber vielen Dank Vati❤️

Ich bin den fröhlichere Junge weil du hast deinen Bild gefällt ❤️

@Marshy Every little boy should be in that situation, regularly. Being put to bed by Daddy!

@Marshy @amsterdad it is fun when daddy gets me ready for bed and it’s also tons of fun to get out of bed, get into daddy’s room and play until daddy decides that is time be tucked in again (which usually doesn’t last too much...pah!)

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