Size M or S can wear pull-ups from the supermarket. Is it that hard to buy them and would you rather order online? OK, perhaps avoid your local, you might run into someone there. But anywhere else, wouldn't people assume you are buying them for someone else? You could be a young parent, or you have a niece or nephew, or you doing a favour for your busy neighbour and mother of three ... Am I right?


Just wanting to encourage people to go out and buy their pull-ups rather than ordering them online. Hope you find a supermarket that carries pull-ups for up to 15 y.o., like my local does! Good luck, everyone!

@SereneAstrophile They are like underwear pants but with a padding. They don't soak up as much as diapers but they help in case of a "little accident". They help in between diapers and fully potty trained, you see.

@amsterdad Potty training? That sounds really boooooooring, I think I’ll just stay in diapers. 😊

@amsterdad @SereneAstrophile Pull-ups are great for when you want to be a discrete little... Until you think you are wearing a diaper, and it all ends up going terribly wrong 😭.
Definitely do not be afraid to go out and buy them!, but maybe when you are wearing them it would be good to keep a big close by to remind you to go to the potty regularly.😉

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