Look, kiddos! Daddy is decorating the tree. And he's got teddybears that light up! :)

Had to do a diaper check outside! Please boost this so as many people see my humiliation as possible.

Happy Easter to all you littles and caregivers. With special thanks to the artist @littletigertonio

Refusing to take a nap in the afternoon is resisting a rest!

And NOBODY is going to take your plushies away! I promise!

OK, littles.. Let's talk diaper rash. That's the little red spots you get when you 've been in a wet diaper too long. Little red spots that can quickly develop into a serious and hard to treat problem. Ever had? How do you treat it? And what do you do to avoid it?

@littletigertonio made a drawing especially for Christmas! Merry Christmas, one and all!

@abenjaminbutton Here's another picture of Benjie on his birthday blowing out the candle on his mini-birthdaycake because the poor boy can't have all his friends over, due to the pandemic. Don't worry, there is more than enough sweets and food on the way later! Happy birthday, buddy boy!

My little boy @littletigertonio who is a real artist, made this drawing of him having a nap in Daddy's bed, surrounded by toys, stuffies (that's Monsieur Croque) and what have you. Daddy read him a story, see? And Daddy can't sleep because he does not want to disturb his little baby boy napping peacefully... Isn't he cute.

🐻 🛩️ Not a day goes by when I don't think about my favoritest lil bro and soon-to-be-famous artist Tonio AKA @littletigertonio.

🕵️‍♂️ 🦕 Word on the street is he did a lil Q&A for @abysitter 's blog. Check it out!


Little boy... What is the point of having a fork if you're not going to use it?
Now stand up and show me your cute new jammies from @diaperheroes , there better not be any egg on them already! 🙄

🍼 "It's almost time for little boy's nap time!"

"But I don't wannaarrrrrglubglub..."

**4 hours later**

"Now who had a nice long snooze?" :baby_dummy:

As much as I love my littles... Sometimes, you can't help feeling like this! :)

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