🐻 🛩️ Not a day goes by when I don't think about my favoritest lil bro and soon-to-be-famous artist Tonio AKA @littletigertonio.

🕵️‍♂️ 🦕 Word on the street is he did a lil Q&A for @abysitter 's blog. Check it out!


Little boy... What is the point of having a fork if you're not going to use it?
Now stand up and show me your cute new jammies from @diaperheroes , there better not be any egg on them already! 🙄

🍼 "It's almost time for little boy's nap time!"

"But I don't wannaarrrrrglubglub..."

**4 hours later**

"Now who had a nice long snooze?" :baby_dummy:

As much as I love my littles... Sometimes, you can't help feeling like this! :)

Father's Day is upon us soon and my little artistic boy @littletigertonio made this drawing of me and him shopping for all the daily essentials: chocolate milk, strawberry milk. And diapers. Lots of diapers :)

🎅 🎁 Santa and I are busy preparing everyone's Christmas presents, but first we have to ask, "Have you been naughty or nice?" 😇 😈

Happy Holidays from @amsterdad and I and everyone else at Club ABDL in Amsterdam! And thank you @Emma as always for a great party and these pictures!

@Emma @kinesecd The first Amsterdam ABDL Dance Rave was a great success! Real kid's fun with kid's music, balloons, bubbles, LOTS of candy. And thanks to Emma, the lovely people from cafe Same Place, we all had a lovely time. Except fellow organizer KineseCD who unfortunately had the flu and couldn't come to his own party!! Get well soon, little buddy! We all missed you!

Anybody going to the first ABDL Rave in Amsterdam this afternoon? Me and @abenjaminbutton are!

This weekend ABDL Club meeting in Amsterdam. Pack your raincoats! Rain expected :(

Having a great time taking care of @littletigertonio here in Amsterdam. He's so cute and he's being very very good (well, most of the time). He's going to help me cook spaghetti and then it's time for his bath.

OK, I know a boy who really would like to feel the comfort of using a paci. But he says it's not a comfortable feeling and sucking on one gives him an itchy feeling in the back of his troath. Does anyone else have this problem? And is there some other kind of paci than the usual rubber ones?

I am looking forward very much to @littletigertonio upcoming visit. Here's his drawing of me and him going grocery shopping after school, so I have everything I need to cook him a tasty, healthy meal. Tonio is a real artist! And we're going to have such a good time!

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