Paddedfox making a selfie in the guest pj's (Mark & Spencer's, I'll have you know!). And holding the guest stuffy. If you ever visit and you don't have your own stuffy with you, that little guy will keep you company. He's very good at that and he loves having littles around!

The day I took @abenjaminbutton to the zoo... It was a day outing, we had to change him at some point.

Paddedcammy having fun with the soap bubble gun in the boys room in my flat in Amsterdam. We had such a great time together and hopefully he will be back soon.

Literally the first word I said to this little boy was "no" in my response to him posting that he wanted chocolate milk and chicken nuggets for breakfast..... What else is a Daddy supposed to say? In the end, that is the breakfast I gave him. But no more than once a year!

This was post massage. The masseuse was sooo super nice about me wearing diapers. She asked a few questions about it. Ended up telling me my diaper was very cute and she called me baby multiple times. Going back next weekend for sure!

I talk with a lot of people that continue using tumblr and says don’t like mastodon interface. At first I have same problem but thanks to Tootdon (iOS and Android app) now I’m happy with our new social media. I invite this people to try it and hope one day we can have a better form to chat here too. Hugs and cuddles to all 😘

But daddy, why am I in diapers again?! I don’t wanna regress.

My Pampers post-Twitch stream >.>
Goodnight everyone!

Shh shh, it's ok little one. Daddy's here and he has your binky. Just nurse this and it will make everything all better

I use to be very little before I was just a little.

When you playing with crib toys waiting for dada to let you out and change you

That lil dance on the counter is adorable! ❤😆

Here's an answer to @Lilbabycal 's question: what are some of your rules for your little one? In my home there are 3 basic rules. #1 Do as you are told #2 Always show respect. #3 If you want something, make sure you have permission.

Thinking of doing a fashion show here for stuffies.... Trending are bow ties on teddies. Who dresses up their stuffies? Who put their stuffy in diapers?

I'm also planning to make a single column (Tumblr like) theme for people who don't like Mastodon's multi-column layout. That one is a little trickier though as it requires code changes, not just styles.

⛪ "Did you enjoy your timeout in church nursery? Maybe next time you'll pay attention during the sermon like a big boy."

"Maybe I should stay in nursery." 😏

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