3 Years Later by @DaddyAlteran

Today marks a special day for me, our relationship as little and daddy officially turns 3 years old.


The 7 Types of Nappy Check by @DaddyAlteran

This is probably going to be very boring for most people in that it’s a discussion around all the different ways which I am aware of that a check can be conducted on a little.


Today is the day. by @DaddyAlteran

Well today is the day, it finally arrived... a big box full of fun for my little boy.
For anyone unsure, I mean that this daddy just purchased a mountain of new nappies to see his little boy through the last couple of weeks of school. 58 in total.


From Baby to Toddler. by @DaddyAlteran

About 2 ½ years ago, my little baby started being in my life, he's now a little stroppy toddler, walking, talking, filling bigger boy nappies. He craves attention and reassurance still, however, I've watched him grown and his independence start to form.


I had a go at drawing Jelle. What do you think? Have you drawn a picture of your stuffie?

Little anchors by @DaddyAlteran

When the topic for this discussion came up my little boy and I were having a massive heart to heart about rules and punishments and their importance in our dynamic.


Where are we at? by @DaddyAlteran

So begins another year, and with it another chapter in the world of @littlealteran and @DaddyAlteran. 2018 was, by all accounts, chocked full of different experiences. Many good, a few bad and most importantly a number of firsts that will last a lifetime.


@Littleivo hii there! :blobaww: This here is “Beertje” it’s dutch for “Little Bear”. I think Jelle and Beertje are about the same size. I bet they would have lots of fun if they were together!

@Littleivo this is Teddy! 🧸 I’m not sure if you two have met yet but he stays under the care of @amsterdad in Amsterdam while I’m away. 🎒

- there’s nothing like a cuddle with your favourite stuffie! Here’s me and Jelle enjoying a (not so early) lay in!
What’s your favourite stuffies name?

Our love for fluffy friends by Daddy

Teddies, Plushies, Snuggies. Whatever you want to call them, they are, almost always, an integral part of the CG/L dynamic.

Join us by showing your fluffy defender with us using the hashtag .


Exodus by @littlealteran

Along with Tumblr’s announcement of their intent to remove pornographic content from their site came a new challenge for bigs and littles alike.


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