Ordered a restock🥳 Would you say ~190€ is too much to spend on diapers?🤑🤪

When big bro @little_toddler_ben puts you in such a thick diaper, there is no way hiding it🙊

Sry for that flower but the t-shirt was rather personal🙈

Finally back in diapers again😍😍😍

And if someone knows the Band on my T-Shirt, I want you to become a friend😊

diapered on Christmas Eve with my parents 😶 hope they won't notice 😅🙈 merry Christmas to everyone 🎄🎁


Look big bro😍 I can go potty like a big boy, can I? 😋😘😘

Migrating from Tumblr. Also find me on Fetlife at RhinoZebra

look what came in the mail today💕💕💕😍 finally trying out PeekABUs and also got the suuuper cute Dragon Cap by and a Paci😍😍😍

When a web platform decides to axe some 80%+ of it active userbase and you have to find somewhere else to blog.

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