"We're sorry, access to full self-changing mode is restricted. Please change your own diapers until your subscription has been restored." 🤪

How long again do we have to wait until going in the water? Oh, until my diaper is ready to be changed? Ok give me a sec...

What is 2021's hottest new car trend? 🚗 🍼 Backseat playpens!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: "The Full Diaper/Full Battery Tour of America" 🔌 :diaper_wet:

Sometimes I'm lucky I never grew out of diapers, this spider beetle *almost* made me pee my pants. 🙈

J'ai passé une semaine incroyable à Amsterdam chez @amsterdad avec @abenjaminbutton !
I spend an incredible week in Amstedam at @amsterdad with @abenjaminbutton !

July 2021 (1)

I had a wonderful time with @abysitter at his boat! ⚓🌊🚤

Little guys and gals need vaccines too! If you can get yours, it's worth it! 💉 (Especially when the reward for being a brave boy is yummy pancakes) 🥞

I'm just a little boy going on a big adventure! (omw to see @abysitter after not seeing him for over 6 years!) :O

Last week, me and @jelle did some drawing to make a sign for

Jelle is being helpful and looking after the colouring pencils for me, and making sure I stay in the lines.

What do you think of it?

Have you done any drawing lately?

Sharing a bit of health news: whyABDL.org/cancer. I won't be here to answer messages for a li'l bit. <3

Finally, something new for 2020! @Lakhota and @Raptor1986 joined me for a little padded social distancing, aka time wayyy out on the water, on last week's gas run. (We passed a few vanillas onshore during our voyage, so the Tykables
cargos came in handy).


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