When new friends are camera shy on the Octavious is always willing to lend a helping tentacle or two. whyABDL.com/boat

It’s not all sun and fun on the ‘Luvs Boat’. Sometimes there’s rain... and lightning! w/ @NYkidd1990

Field trip! This chair seems to be just about the right size for these two Littles. w/ @NYkidd1990 & @sexydiaperjock

A late-night, diapered conversation on the dock... one of my favorite nights as an ABDL. Pics are online at whyABDL.com/boat.

w/ @Aboimikey @tomtom @sexydiaperjock @NYkidd1990 & LilAdamBoi.

More photos from our padded lake weekend - here's the line-up while we wait for Tyson to finish BBQ'ing. He's the only one wearing shorts because the grill is in view of the next door neighbors. w/ @tomtom @Aboimikey @NYkidd1990 @sexydiaperjock - also LilAdamBoi and LilBroTyTy. whyABDL.com/boat

Seven of us around a table at a lakefront BBQ mostly just in diapers - how lucky I am to have discovered this amazing group?? w/ @tomtom, @Aboimikey, @sexydiaperjock, and LilAdamBoi. Missing but coming soon: @NYkidd1990 & LilBroTyTy. All of the pics are up at www.whyABDL.com/boat.

More LittleBroTyTy at the cottage from last week. Check out the 'Luvs Boat' page for the latest pictures from our weekend. whyABDL.com/boat

Just finished up an amazing week with @LittleBroTyTy at the cottage and on the ! More pics to come. whyABDL.com/boat

"I did have a personal milestone in 2018. I had my first crush! That would not have been possible if it weren't for my little side, coming out to myself, and the new friends I've made in this community. I feel like I'm going through what most people go through as teenagers! Oh well, better late than never. I think, if I hadn't been exploring my little side, I would probably still identify as asexual, but with a bias towards relationships with men.” - @Littleivo

Read: abysitter.blogspot.com/2019/06

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