Got myself a very appropriate new t-shirt from @siirdonald. I made sure that the shirt was telling the truth when I wore it... 🙈 :diaper_wet:

Aliens? What aliens? I don’t recall this diaper ever having aliens on it...

Woke up like this. And I’m making progress on learning to wet myself in bed!

Because airplane potties are even scarier than the ones on the ground.

I will never outgrow my love of dinosaurs (or diapers).

Little guy is all dressed up and has somewhere to be, but first it’s time for a fresh diaper. We wouldn’t want him going potty in his fancy pants, now would we?

Never in the history of ever has an article of clothing made me feel more like a silly little baby boy. I may never change out of it...

This little guy managed to get a random Tuesday off, which means crinkling around in his dino jammies. And he may or may not need a change...

Missing my little bro @SereneAstrophile like crazy. Had such a cuddly fun weekend with him visiting NYC and @abysitter, who I’d like to thank for the photo!

Portable games and wearable potties make for a great combination.

I woke up like this (because sometimes even the cutest jammies are too warm).

Listening to the waves crash tends to make one have to pee. Thankfully I came prepared.

Wearing a double diaper in my brand new dinorawr pajamas! It’s not too obvious, is it?

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