@amsterdad @Abdennis @PetitTintin @Littleivo @paddedtj @dthorn1970 Ok, maayyyyybe I needed a change, but must we resort to nap time too? What is this world coming to?? 😩

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@abenjaminbutton @Abdennis @PetitTintin @Littleivo @paddedtj @dthorn1970 Sorry, little guy.. You know the rules. After lunch is nap time. Let's go, buddy.

Well @abenjaminbutton , I don't think you need to worry about where this world is going to.. I guess your only concern at this moment is following the rules @amsterdad set for you 😅

Poor little @abenjaminbutton, @amsterdad seems to be quite strict on you lately. Hang on, soon you’ll be big enough to decide for yourself and tell Daddy what you think of all his silly rules 😜

@abenjaminbutton @amsterdad @Abdennis @PetitTintin @Littleivo @paddedtj Awww. Shhh, it's okay, baby boy. Little guys like you need nap time to be able to play later. Look, I've brought you a baba to drink.

@PetitTintin @littlewaldo81 @abenjaminbutton @Abdennis @Littleivo @paddedtj @dthorn1970
Yes... Of course you want to play. And you will. After your change. In a nice new fresh diaper... Now, don't you want that, little buddy??

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