⛪ "Daddy! Daddy! I'm all ready to see my friends again at Sunday School!"

"Not so fast little boy, it's still not time to go back to church. Now put your paci in and watch the live stream." :baby_dummy:

Finally back home with @amsterdad 💕

🥰 “It’s been way too long sinds i started my day like this.. cuddling with my stuffies while waiting to get changes.. one of the most soothing ways to wake up! 👦🏻🧸

Remembering the good times when cuddles were not forbidden by the government. Hope to meet and greet all of my friends again, soon.

👖 A good pair of overalls can communicate a lot about a person.

Like "art student during winter term" or "is it summer yet?" or "hehe, I forgot how to tie my shoes again!" 😋

🎒 🛏️ "Don't worry boy, your mom filled me in on your 'Special PJs' situation. I've already told Mark to put his old plastic sheet back on the bed so you don't ruin his mattress..."

"SON! Your BEDWETTER friend is here!" :diaper_wet: 🙈

Changies time for my little cub @james. Think we've got everything we need here. Plus a couple of extras to make sure you're a good boy for Daddy today...

📦 "Oh baby boyyy! Look what the mailman just dropped off for you!"


"It looks like this delivery came just in time." :diaper_wet:

Finally recovered from my trip to CL in Amsterdam! The event was an absolute blast and one of the best weekends Ive had in a long, long time! Amazing to see so many friends and make so many more!

This community is just the best! 2019 has been the biggest turn around in my life, finding all of you amazing people ❤

Here are some highlight pics from the trip and event night.. I got a bit told off by Santa 🥺.. but on the plus side.. PANCAKES!! 🤤🤤 and

🎅 🎁 Santa and I are busy preparing everyone's Christmas presents, but first we have to ask, "Have you been naughty or nice?" 😇 😈

Happy Holidays from @amsterdad and I and everyone else at Club ABDL in Amsterdam! And thank you @Emma as always for a great party and these pictures!

Going to sleep after a great day in Amsterdam. First the excursion to the adult playground WONDR (the teddy bear room 🐻!) and then a super edition of Club ABDL (100 people present!). Had so much fun. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!
Nice to finally meet @abenjaminbutton and @KyleJ . Enchanté de faire votre connaissance @Ababyboy et @Sotiger .
Special huggies to @amsterdad @spacetiger @james @Littleivo @Littleboyrami @Davey_the_brat
Miss you all already! Nite nite everyone 🤗

🛏️ "C'mon, a bed is easier to make when you didn't sleep in it... morning chores already done!" ✅

➕ ➗ ✖️
"Homework break pledge! It's time to check that... oh shit what's that smell?"

"We've got a code brown! Someone tell his big to fire up the garden hose." 💩

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