Good morning everybody, hope you all have a great day.

Good morning everybody, how are you doing today?

Grimaces* ugh used too much heat for my stovetop coffee, now it's a bit bitter. So gross

Good morning everybody, hope you have a wonderful day

Good morning everybody, hope your day is great!

Question: can you stay logged in on your phone all the time, or do you get automatically logged out after 7 days or something?

well the pain in my calf went away sometime late yesturday thank god, that was so irritating!

ugh, still got my leg pain from yesturday, it was a dull twing all day whenever i use it, like it is taunting me. too bad i don't have banana's... i'll just have to take my pain out on some unlucky splatoon 2 players lol

ugh, got a leg cramp about 2 hours ago when i rolled over in bed, damn those things hurt. good thing i don't get them too often.

hope everyone has a safe, fun and Merry Christmas with family and friends.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving even if your not in the u.s.

good sunday morning, afternoon, evening everyone. hope you have a safe and fun day

good friday morning, afternoon, evening everyone.

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