i really don't like this platform. Loads of people have sent me @'s / Messages and i haven't seen them. I wish there was a simple instagram/tumblr style DM area

Haven't really been on here much... Sowwy. I'll post a new pic in a sec tho!

It really sucks where Tumblr went with there decision to remove all 18+ related content from their platform. If it wasn't for Tumblr, I probably wouldn't call myself a member of the community.

Literally cannot get rid of this headache!! UGH!

I’m sick :(
I wanna crinkle up and cuddle my teddy 🍼🍼🍼🍼

I gots 200 followers! I can’t even count dat high! Fank youuuuu! :blobaww:

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I found some of the videos I never got round to posting and I’m impressed how many of em are just of me filling my diap. 😳

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