Anybody have any tips/suggestions for being padded for a (slightly) longer time? I've had this kink for pretty much forever but this is the first time I'm actually wearing continuously for multiple days in a row (coming up on two weeks). Anything I should be aware of or any tips to make it (even) more enjoyable?

Whelp. Maybe I should have gone for a night time diaper (or just been a good little boy and change). My Tykables Little Builders actually leaked and I ended up with a wet spot again. Good thing I put down a cover on the chair this time...

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While working from home is not always ideal being able to work in just a diaper and onesie is pretty great.

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First trip over the weekend with Daddy. 🚂 We went to an amusement park and we had super fun! 🎢🎡 Even though I was a little bit naughty. 😢

Work from home and pullups mishap. Didn't even notice I'd leaked until I saw the dark patch on the chair.Think I'll have to change into a real diaper...

Really cute pyjamas. I'm just a little jealous.

Any littles here that work out? I promised myself I'd do a workout tonight but I really want to stay in diapers. How do you get in the right mindset for that?

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