Just taken my nappy off at the airport, feel almost naked with out it 😂😂 after 2 days feels odd walking without padding between my legs 😂😂

Cold today around London but my nappy is keeping me nice and warm... Don't wanna take it off later but not brave enough to wear through airport security and being picked up by family the other end

Away for the weekend, have a pack of nappies waiting in the Amazon Locker at my hotel, will be padded in about 45 minutes 😍😍

First time plugged and padded, enjoying the feel of my vibrating plug while wearing my nappy

6 hours wearing my boxer-briefs was 6 hours too long... Much more comfy back in my nappy

Was no need for stop for toilet breaks on my drive down to Maidstone.

After 3 weeks it feels so good and so right to put my nappy on

Car keys - check, mobile phone - check, padded driver - CHECK

Few hours later than planned but finally in my nappy and sucking on my first adult dummy

12 hours until I can remove the boxers and pull a nice Peekabu up between my legs for the weekend - can't wait 😍😍

Near Manchester next weekend so got a chance to spend a day and a half wearing nice comfy nappies... Bit limited to what I can get as it'll have to be an Amazon locker delivery I can pick up Friday night but sure I can work something out

Hope you guys approve but just had my first public wetting, was sat on the train from London down to Gatwick and just decided to let it go. Was a really amazing feeling, feeling suitably little now. Picture of the aftermath once I got to hotel

Back in London after my short trip to Munich, wasn't brave enough to go through the airport padded but in bed and back in a nappy now

Ready to explore Munich, going to start with some padded plane spotting I think

Was chatting to a fellow diaper lover online this afternoon whilst waiting for my flight, needless to say as soon I was through the hotel room door a change of type of underwear was required... Much better 😎😎

Was nice and comfy exploring around Edinburgh in my Peekabu today.

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