Anyone here play IRE MUDs like Aetolia or Achaea? Looking for more people to play with and befriend.

Looking for more people to befriend. Anyone up for chatting?

ABDL: Diapers Show more

Hey everyone, I'm really embarrassed to be posting this but I'm in need of some help due to recent events. Any donation or share will be greatly appreciated.

Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, Diapers! Show more

ABDL, Diapers! Show more

Everyone please consider sending a free Valentine’s card to a child in one of the participating hospitals. It is quick and could make a child feel better that could really use the attention.

I feel so broken down. I’m tired of day after day of dealing with my mental health issues, and the problems that seem never-ending. I truly don’t want to deal with any of it, even though I understand that is how change happens. I just tired of it all, I want to just sleep, for a really long time. Maybe dream of a different world, and another life.

"Just know this... We are all deserving of love, and we all deserve to find that person that makes you feel how you want to feel. Don’t ever give up on what you dream to do, and know that there are people in the world that will love you unconditionally. Whatever you look for, and whatever you need, don’t ever give up on that dream." - @Abdlshadow

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Stressed more than usual, and having tummy issues again, not a fun time.

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