Anyone know any good resources on the binge/purge cycle and how to deal with it in a healthy way?

I notice a lot of users will permanently delete their account thinking they will never be back, then a couple weeks/months later they email me asking if they can get their old username back. So I have been considering adding some resources to the delete account section that might be useful. I just don't know if anything like this exists already 🤔

Are you looking for a way to help people, or to make it easier to get an account back?

If it's to help people to accept them self then I recommends potcasts like, Dream A Little, Love in brief, the big little podcast, just another abdl podcast or crinkels cast. They helped me a lot 🤗

@William_Jr to help people help themselves. So preferably some text resources I can either display or link to. Podcasts could be a good idea as well, any specific episodes you would recommend?

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