Finally I turned into a unicorn butt and I really like them and Molly thinks they look so cute.
i love her so much. 😻

I got my order from NappiesRUs today and I could not be happier and they came fairly quickly when you consider that they are sent from England to Denmark, ordered on Monday and they came here on Friday, thank you NappiesRUs and thank you extra stickers and sweets. 😻

I think I need some better bulbs for my lamps, when I painted their skins last night, I was sure the felt tip pen was yellow, luckily it can be fixed. πŸ˜…

Having the day off is so nice, so I found my old Toshiba laptop and played Warcraft 2 πŸ€—

Please Please tell me that dinosaurs can swim, I think i waited a little long to change. πŸ˜…

I love being a dinosaur diaper butt.
and today is the 24 hours of le mans virtual, anybody here gonna watch?
I am.
but staying awake all 24 hours is not possible for me I think. πŸ˜ΈπŸ’€

When you need to sleep from 6 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon πŸ’€, the right sleeping attire is essential. 😸

Happy Easter everyone 😸, I spent my Easter with my family and relaxing in my parents' garden

Playing with a whole new LEGO set, and yes a diaper was used during the production of this GIF 😺

Playing Guitar Hero right handed, when you are natural left handed is pretty hard i think, but I am all up to medium difficulty now 😸
Am I the only one who challenges oneself in this way?

Wanting to craft more here in 2020, so I made this frame for the X-files poster i bought. 😸

Ordered some new pacifier clips a little before Christmas and they came today 😸 they are made by someone on etsy, her shop is called "unwound bobbin" and the workmanship looks very nice 😻

I just love these tykables overnight diapers, with a stuffer and they are so comfy, and I just love the velcro tapes, wish all diaper had that. they dont seem to slip as much for me. 😺

Someone who wants to play "New Leaf" with me, would be great to visit a new city if possible 😺

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