Over 300 users are listed on abdl.link/locations 🎉

Will hopefully have some time to bring some new features and improvements to it soon 😀

@james Really cool, put in my location. Maybe one can organize meetings this way. Would be nice.

@Little @james It would be very nice.

Is there something to tell new people about the Location feature once they make an account? Quite a few of us opted to use it when it was first introduced, but there are a surprising number of users who aren't listed. Some probably chose not to, but do you think some just missed the initial introduction & haven't discovered it yet?

@WetCountryBro people will only see it when they go to their settings or see it in the menu. I could add it to the welcome guide, but only a small percent actually read that in the first place.

Maybe I could send out a notification to users that don’t have it enabled 🤔


@james I guess it doesn't matter. I just don't understand why users would choose not to. It's not like you have to show your exact location, but if the point of being on here is to get to know other abdl's, giving them at least some idea of where you are would be helpful :/

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