Ready for the day! You can’t tell I’m diapered right?

I logged into Guild Wars 2 yesterday to finish the latest couple chapters of the living story, and while my character was in Divinity's Reach, I saw another character named Sergeant Sippycup. Lol, that's got to be a padded gamer, doesn't it? I couldn't figure out a polite way of asking if he was abdl.

Proposed trading secrets with a vanilla friend last night and told him I wear Pampers. He was very supportive; always a fun feeling. Waking up this morning with my peepee feeling very big and stiff, what do I do about this??

Pissing in undies 

In other news, this is the 2nd day having Grindr back on my phone, and I can already tell why so many straight people think all gay men are rude little bitches. Why is it so hard to be a decent human being?

I think I dribble more now into my underwear. Lol, good thing almost all of them belong to straight guys. But seriously, you know how there's always a drop or 2 that gets absorbed by the pouch of your undies no matter how you shake it? It's more than a drop now. I was in Target and took a piss, and like the front was kinda damp, enough that I looked down to see if it was noticeable thru my jeans πŸ˜•

My friend invited me over to watch the 1st episode of Star Trek: Picard. Pretty sure it was just an excuse to cuddle, but I cannot wait to see more of the new series ❀️

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