The sog monster got me. Tykables overnight with a suffer and a diaper cover on top! 😁😊

Psst.. Hey you, yeah you. Wanna know a secret?
... I need a change, too.

Anybody else love the idea of being a footstool to this guy?

New selfies 5/21/19. It isn't often I feel good enough about myself to take pics, but I was in a good mood today ;-)

at times in our lives when we were both going thru a lot of stress & it just didn't work at that time. But we did love each other, and there's still that spark there. So I'm trying to be good to him. He at least appreciates it, which my more recent ex didn't seem to. So I got back from that feeling good -lol, and kinda horny. Took some new pics, tho I still don't have any actual diapers. Pride is coming up so I'm setting aside cash for that, but I'll order some sooner or later.

The vein clinic today was a bust. Insurance doesn't cover anything they deem cosmetic :/ Guess I'll just have to tan until they don't show. Everything I do for work requires wearing shoes or boots tho. I can tan -or burn, usually- pretty much everything except my junk & feet. But, I stopped in and saw my ex while he was working. Not the most recent one, the one before. We reconnected recently and are friends now. I even like his bf, tho seeing him again makes me miss the fuck out of him. We met

Little pup may need a change, his butterflies are missing

Thanks to @Ickleboylee, @ratboyArby and his daddy for showing me round Pick n' Mix yesterday!

I was never much for the outdoors as a kid, but it’s impossible not to love a good hike through the mountains as an adult. Who else loves being one with nature? 🌲

They were clearing out some Pull-Ups at the grocery store for half off and I couldn’t resist. Never got to try the Cool & Learn ones ❄️

The bulge was real this morning, basically filled to the max! 😲 Good thing I didn't leak the bed, so I would say this is one successful diaper!

appeal for new users, if people they followed or talked to on Tumblr are also on here. Anyway, the easier the interface is to use, the more streamlined & more customizable the site is, the more people will use it, especially if they can feel like it makes them part of a real community or gives them a chance to show off. Sadly it becomes a popularity contest, with the best looking people getting the most attention while the rest of us have to be silently envious. Even among those who wear diapers

searching for an alternative to Tumblr, because my account there had been nuked without explanation. That was right before the purge, and after hearing about it I didn't bother making a new Tumblr. So..I asked around and someone told me about humblr via Mastodon. I didn't really understand how sub-sites worked, but I scrolled thru the list and was delighted to find one abdl related -yours. I recognized some of the former tumblr users from their usernames and/or pics, and I think that has some

Pooping your diaper in bed after waking up > Going all the way to the toilet

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