She followed and had me lay down on the floor. Then she started to undress me. She carefully removed my underpants and dumped and rinsed them in the toilet. She then held my ankles in the air and wiped my bottom with the recently rinsed briefs, dunking it in the toilet to get it clean each time. Then she made me take a bath. She gave me a swat on the rear and warned me not to do this again or she would put me back in diapers. I am sure she meant it, but I never tested this.

     So, I hopped on my bike to ride home. Along the way home the pressure in my bowels became too much. I crapped my pants while peddling my bike. The bike seat really pressed the mess against me. I had not had an accident like this in years. I was upset when I got home and my mom met me at the door. I told her I had an accident and she told me to head to the bathroom.

  When I was 10 my best friends were John and Doug. These two lived close to each other, but I lived about a mile away. Our grade school was about half way between us.  It was a crisp Fall day when I went with Doug and John over to Doug's house after school.  We played for a while in the woods around Doug's home and before I knew it I was going to be late getting home. I also needed to poop. I had a thing about pooping anywhere else but home.

It’s funny how wearing a diaper isn’t considered “socially acceptable” unless you have some horrific excuse. Literally millions of people (young, old & everyone in between) wear diapers for any number of reasons. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t make them. Society is full of hypocrisy and double standards. Ignore the noise and just do you. You’ll feel better knowing that your among the growing number of people who have zero fucks to give.

@WeaselDiaperBoi I remember hearing the word "pampered" in a resort commercial and I thought it meant being put in a Pampers. 😂

So, what are your earliest memories of wanting to wear diapers?

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@felixthepope Have you tried the new Northshore Megamax diapers? They are fantastic.

a reminder for my friends and followers: you are safe, you’re not alone.

Happy new year to all of you! Thank you for helping my self vision this year and I hope to continue growing with you.
That said I will be taking a temporary step back from the scene. I may elaborate more soon but recent events abdl related have had a negative effect my outlook and attitude towards being little. Just taking a step back to reassess and get my head back on. I'll always be available to chat!

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