This Abena M4 is definitely on the wet side. :diaper_wet: Should I change before bed? 💤 💤

I didn't see this posted here yet. Just a heads up for y'all.

r/ABDL - XPmedical sent a letter to every address I've ever shipped dips to

49 votes and 25 comments so far on Reddit

Was a long night. In truth probably should have changed before going to bed but hey-hoe.

Nothing like soaking your diaper as you workout
🏋️‍♂️ 💦 🙈.

Ps. Don’t tell daddy or else I’ll be thickly padded 😳

Going to take a little break from online socials for a week or two.

I will still be maintaining things behind the scenes. Send any support related questions to @support

I changed in a public restroom and had to take my diapy to the trash im sure some people saw what I was throwing out *blushies*

When you think you are a big boy and proudly take a picture. Then realize that you have the pull ups back and forth... 😩

This weekend is Father's Day here in Amsterdam and being the good little baby boy that he is, @littletigertonio made me this absolutely splendid Happy Father's Day card! He's a real artist, as is plain to see. Thanks, little tigre boy! Rowwrr!


Kinky breakfast 

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