The artist I want to commisson for a ref sheet seems to be always open, so at elast I don't have to worry about spots being full when I have the money for it.

I haven't been that much of a tweeter (that much is evident in my sfw account), I should at least try to be more active here

And still I'm doing it, I'm just feeding the beast at this point

It was a bad idea to look at my AD timeline, horniness is max now

Also side note: is it just me so is there a lot of bidding of OC and free raffles this year/this time of year?

3... 3 exams left and then I can graudate....
Just hurry it up already!

The Pika-pika Movie was a lot of fun. This is the current condition of my Pika-boos....

If you could learn any language, what would you choose? — Other than french and Creole, I would learn Japanese because there are a few manga and games I would like to understand

Just a random pokemon thought, I like mightyena better than arcanine, but my favorite is still Joltik.

Wearing diapers is healing for myself...
All things in life can be easier when you feel fine :diaper: :dummy: 🚼🆎❤💕

Which do you like better, city or country? — The city, I have never lived in the country before but having shops right next to me is a bigger pro than a big wide area

I am surprised Rope Bunny is under Rigger, but it's kinda right for everything else

Finished with my AP CSP test and now I have the weekend to mysl-
I have The IB Math test on Monday and Tuesday :(

Might as well put a cute pic of me out there. Hi boys! 👋🏻

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