@Ukdlboy you got any messengers we can chat on would love to meet. I am awesomeyellowninjas on tumblr

ABDL wet Little Rawrz 

ABDL wet Tykables video 

ABDL wet crinklz, wet Tykables, paw patrol 

Padded pics ! 

ABDL, Paci, Changing Table 

There's gold in them thar hills!
And there's something in that there diap 😜

Finally have some little time after a family-intensive couple days. Kind of in love with my new jammies. 🥰

Big Bro: Now now little bro. No sucking on your clothes.

Me: *Sucks thumb*

Big Bro: "No. No sucking on your thumb either! Try this." *Pops a paci in my mouth and takes the romper away.*

Me: *pouts

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