Daddy said I can’t play video games until I finish my homework... guess it’s gonna be a long afternoon.

Afternoon nap time means getting diapered, you just wet the sofa during nap time once and it’s enough of an excuse for daddy to put me into a diaper for the rest of the month. 😣😤🙄

Who is the big boy now hu? Daddy gave me a controller of the untouchable PS4! Weird enough the game wasn’t doing the buttons I was pressing but still manage to win, daddy was proud.

Got in trouble again... I spent half a day in a slightly wet diaper so I decided to change myself into a fresh one. Daddy came in and asked “who gave you permission to change it?” Guess who was taped back into a wet diaper until it was soggy enough...

Daddy was concerned when he saw my onesie buttons start to pop out cause how soggy I was, but he was happy he got the extra thick diapers as there hasn’t been any leaks this week.

Daddy knows I get a bit nervous when I go to the doctor, which ends up in wet underwear. He got me into a pull up and packed a fresh one to change into after my visit to the hospital 😬.

Daddy set me up for my afternoon nap cause I was being grumpy, but now we can’t find Sharky and I can’t sleep without him :(.

Daddy said it was diaper change time, I grabbed sharky and We are ready.

Has anyone else noticed this weird little window most shorts have? I asked daddy what it is for and he said I didn’t have to worry about that for a while... Smart pants... of course I know.... is for quick front diaper checks!!!

I told daddy a TRILLION times that there are no changing rooms at the swimming school, he replied “So?” as he put a clean pull up in my swimming bag. 😫..... I also tore my pull up in an attempt to put it as fast as possible.

Anyone knows about the new sizes of Goodnites? Is it true? .... asking for a friend....

Another dry night! Will put a star in the calendar, if I get 7 dry days in a row Daddy let me pick lunch at my favorite restaurant!... 6 more nights to go tho.

Daddy says that practice makes perfect, but this kind of “potty” training is just not working 😭

Is it just me or shorts with elastic waist bands are the perfect match for a little?

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