It’s been a while since i posted anything haha but i have been getting padded up a lot lately! 😊❤️

Time for a well deserved drawing session with icebear! 😊🐻‍❄️

Outfit for today 😊 think I might need a change first though 😅

Did I tell you I love dressing up? Don't worry, i don't bite... I'm a cute puppy! 😊❤🐶

It was a very strange moment to have had. I guess i am not as big as i thought 😅 4.

i went the the bathhouse to clean up and tried to get some more sleep after i dried the wet places off with a towel. Luckily my friend who was sleeping next to me didnt wake up or notice anything. The next morning i pulled my sleeping bag out of the tent to dry it out on the grass, i was really scared of someone finding out. 1 friend saw me doing it and asked why. I said just to air out and he went on with his business...

I checked. It wasn't wet outside. Maybe a waterbottle had been open on accident? Wasn't the case. I was still very tired and confused about what was going on. I saw that my sleepingbag, sleeping mat, some stuff around me had gotten wet. The possibility of me wetting the bed accidentally on vacation with my friends seemed very unlikely, but it did happen 😅... 2.

Hi everyone 😇 little story here!

I had a lot of fun this summer. Too little time to be little but now, back home I can catch up on that! There is this one thing that happend when i went sailing and camping with my friends for a week. We just had a very long day of sailing, after that we played some games, had some drinks and then went to bed. Everything was allright until i woke up in the middle of the night thinking the tent had leaked....1.

Trying to take a nap in todays heat seems impossible! But I'm so tired 😭😪

I'll finally be able to sleep with my stuffies, padding and paci again tonight after a very long time without! So excited! 🥰

Found my paci again after it being lost for a long time!! 😇😊🥰🐻‍❄️

Some padded pictures from a while back. Can't wait te be little again for a day! 😇😊🌈🐻‍❄️ I wanna play with my stuffies again!

Waking up 😴😪😇❤🐻‍❄️ always cuddeling with icebear of course, flappie even came by to say hi

Drawing cute dogs tonight 😊😇 can't wait to start coloring them!!

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