Last day in Amsterdam, time to put on big boy clothes :(

I’m so excited to head to Amsterdam for work finallly!! Woot!

Time to get padded and take these lil cheekums to Denmark! Bye bye Tampa and Hello Amsterdam!

Who else is going to this party in Nyc tonight for abdls?

Hey internet. I have a ton of old abdl stuff I don't use anymore. Any suggestions for a lazy way to get rid of it without like..shipping a bunch of stuff to individual people? NYC HERE.

So I went to the doctor today because I was sick and thought he'd just prescribe medicine. So I padded up and bundled up for the cold because it started to snow but then.... 😳

🤧🤧 i have the flu and am now stuck at home with no daddy to help change me and my nose is runny and I'm craankyyyy 😢

Finally made it to Amsterdam! So excited to explore the city this weekend. Hopefully this keeps me dry for most of the day. 😇

#abdl kink 

Getting around to uploading this one. Throwback to an especially squirmy weekend with @Thepizzafox

Is the "list" function working? Someone show me how to add people to lists @crypteros 🤨

Finally a site to put videos that won't immediately erase them.

NSFW - ABDL GIF. Clothed, but erotic. 

I’ll do anything for a good grade…🤓

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