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Trying out the Leclerc* drynites copy.

*To those who've never visited France, Leclerc is a supermarket type of thing.

‪Nighttime attire. Also like I have the room to myself for the weekend so I can diaper up and walk around and just be a baby for the weekend‬

Ughh school is a pain! Just let me lie down and do nothing, maybe snuggle my stuffie or something

‪Oh, well hello there! Don’t mind me I’m just snuggling my stuffie‬

I haven’t posted in a while. Soo hii! How are y’all doing? Here’s my smile to cheer you up

I’m not sleepy, I just closed my eyes for a second. The bed is so cozy, do you blame me for just lying my head down on the covers. Like I said. Not sleepy

‪Happy morning, In my night diaper and doing school. I think I can wait for a change‬

‪*Bloop* ready for a change! If only I had someone who could change me🧐‬

‪Hey.., hey you! Watch, no look at me, look at me. Watch me to a headstand! Ta da!‬

I had a little evening last night and I snuggled aussie and watched tv and snuggled some more. It was fun.

I swear I’m living the same day over again, another diaper, another coffee. Not playing my switch instead doing homework grr

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