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I keep forgetting to put a content warning on my pictures 🤭

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I think I’m going to snooze a bit longer. I’m not done dreaming about waterfalls!! 😴

This is something I drew recently! Isn’t it pretty (I mean if it’s not it’s totally fine, but I think it’s pretty)

Aussie and I being silly. Wish I could have taken more pictures but I was feeling to little...

I watched Detective Pikachu, and it was super duper, absolutely, positively cute! It made me feel so little. Like the movie genuinely made me feel little. But also like it kinda scared me a little bit so there. 11/10 would recommend it

tellonym.me/ThatlittleJoel this was fun to answer, probably not too in depth but I mean that’s alright. Thanks for asking :)

Drinking three cups of coffee really makes you think. Like you gotta go to the bathroom so much! Wish I could just diaper up ;-;

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