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Just Joel

Sorry I could not post the video and picture together :(

I’m not wearing pink!

Okay fine.

It’s not funny :( okay, i only have pink left

Ps. These diapers are cute.

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"And here we observe the common little (Adultus infans communis) hunting for it´s prey, the unaware plushy. With fast but precise movements, the predator sneaks up at the fox and performs an abrupt surprise snuggle, inescapable for the fox. It is only a dawn that the plushy might escape the warm grip of affection."

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I think the sog monsters came when I was sleeping, now I can barely waddle!

A good nights sleep and I’m ready for the day! My diaper not so much 😅 guess I gotta change🤭🤫

Back at the dorms, it feels good to be diapered again . But now I’m sleepy... and shy, don’t look at me 😴

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