This party pupper is ready for Day 2 of Contact Festival!

Christmas might be over but
I'm still feeling the Christmas spirit

Anyone else?

My favourite goody my parents got me by far~ They know me so well!
Bandanimal V2 from -- 🇨🇦🙌

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Never thought I'd be standing here like this. Salvaged most of her today. Moving onto the next one tonight. Lots of work ahead of us.

Got a little stoneyy and doodled on the bench I was at~ It's not vandalism if it's art right?

Finally got to find another one of my babies now that it's low tide. Probably gonna be up all night checking wrecks. I love mother nature! 💞

Not little related but need to vent. My world was absolutely rocked today. We had a major windstorm that knocked out our local pier and Beached/Sank all 7 of my co-op fleet. These babies were my life. Rest In Peace~ 💞😭

When the wetting started (again) it wasn't actually that bad; you had been put back in diapers before .. a few times actually

The hardest thing was adjusting the new routine.

Laying next to your little bother on the bed as both of your diapers were changed was so embarrassing

You tied so hard to be a good example as a big brother... but in the end your potty chart wasn't such a good example.

Pretty soon he would have more sunshine stickers than you

Babyboy secretly padded on the San Francisco bay cruise😋😎👶 :diaper_wet: :dummy: ⛅🌞🛳🌊⚓

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