Two puppies, a kitten, and a panda walk into a bar...

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Christmas might be over but
I'm still feeling the Christmas spirit

Anyone else?

My favourite goody my parents got me by far~ They know me so well!
Bandanimal V2 from -- 🇨🇦🙌

Little Lifestyle 

It's late but Merry Christmas Kiddos!!! I've been so busy with the famjam these holidays, haven't had that much Littlespace time. Today I'm pretending to be a big kid in all the new Christmas swag my parents got me~

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nappy shot, onsie 

Daddy got me some great presents 😀 now I'd better get a thick nappy on under my new cover before I wet myself...

Never thought I'd be standing here like this. Salvaged most of her today. Moving onto the next one tonight. Lots of work ahead of us.

Got a little stoneyy and doodled on the bench I was at~ It's not vandalism if it's art right?

Finally got to find another one of my babies now that it's low tide. Probably gonna be up all night checking wrecks. I love mother nature! 💞

Not little related but need to vent. My world was absolutely rocked today. We had a major windstorm that knocked out our local pier and Beached/Sank all 7 of my co-op fleet. These babies were my life. Rest In Peace~ 💞😭

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I think I'd be satisfied laying here all day~

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Babyboy secretly padded on the San Francisco bay cruise😋😎👶 :diaper_wet: :dummy: ⛅🌞🛳🌊⚓

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