I finished my latest sissy dress! Super short and revealing 😳
But it's so comfy ☺

Nope! I don’t think I need a change before bedtime. You definitely can’t tell how wet this diaper is from behind so I don’t see why I would ever need to be changed into double diapers for bed. Nope!

I had to stay in bed after waking up. But I could use my computer and my wrists were restrained in a different way.

Just putting it out there that I’m currently on a break from work, diapered 24/7 and staying little as much as possible, so if there are any interested mommies or daddies mid-30s and older reading this who'd like to chat, now is a really good time to get ahold of me.

Daddy says little boys are not allowed in the kitchen...but i just wanted to get some juice, so don’t tell him!

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