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Come visit France. We have lovely countryside, wine, and padded boys.

Hmm, am I diapered underneath for the upcoming flight? Hehe daddies out there will have to make sure I won’t wet my seat on the plane! Check my patreon for a sneak peak!

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@james your pillow pattern is sideways!! Little boys shouldn’t be trusted with putting on big boy bedding covers!! Love your bedsheets though!

Little baby being helpful by holding (ie playing with!) his fresh new diaper while @Ababyboy checks and changes my wet pampers on a changing table!

@james @amsterdad @diaperedhipster @spacetiger I never knew the proper pullups in europe were that large?! I bought some in the UK and they were so small!

Admiring the view on a rocky beach in Aussie while a gentle wind blows across, when my friends yelled, "hey, your diapers are showing!" Oh no, others will see my diapers! It's ok though, it's normal for little baby boys who still wet their pants to wear diapers.

Photo creds to my awesome vanilla friend who is really accepting of my diaper side :)

@abdaddyffm i don’t know if I’ll be there but if I am I’ll give you a shout!

On a diapered road trip in Australia and so thankful for my vanilla friend who accepted my little side :) photo taken by him!

I had to do a diaper check in a mall’s fitting room while trying on children’s clothes! The fitting rooms were so cute and colourful! Also, gonna start my Instagram page, open to followers :) @tbkiddoboy

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