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So I think it's high time I get an out.

Hello, I'm Declan, I'm fairly new to ABDL, and learning more about the little side of ABDL. I'm 19 (from the time this was made) an a Scottish Student.

I love making stories, drawing and making characters. Oh, an video games, I LOVE video games.

I'm also known to be rather supportive of people into ABDL, and welcometo chat about it.

I hope to share Al my drawings with everyone, when I finish them.

So this is a bit of a request, and I'm honestly not shy to ask but...

If anyone in Edinburgh is going to the Littles Lock-In in December, would they like to meet before on the day? I've hardly been to Edinburgh and dont know my way around.

Snuggling in bed tonight with my lucario plushie "Kenneth!"! So soft!

Update! Here's the food! It was yummy for my yummy but also so spicy!

Having homemade Chicken Kebabs tonight! Already smell delicious~ I'll send pics when they're done!

Today I feel great! I feel positive and ready to take on anything that comes my way! I feel like spreading this positive feeling to everyone I meet!

So I've ordered myself a pair of Denim Dungrees from ebay! Woo! ๐Ÿ˜€

Probably is its going to take a while to get here, which suuuuccckksss.... ๐Ÿ˜”

Something for the littles.

Any suggestion on dungrees for a student budget?

What's a fun way to pass the day? Any ideas? Because college is boring me out!

Good morning! Another cold and wet day, and another day for me to deal with long boring college.

What'cha gotta do to have a day where you can sit and play video games all day! ๐Ÿ˜‚

On a bus ride home and the weather is just not great at all. Honestly can't wait to get home, sit back and play some Minecraft. Might make a nursery!

Nothing but a good bath to get cleaned.

Also my shoulder hurts BAD.... OW

So I have been thinking it over, and came to a somewhat decided choice of going to the Littles Lock In. I'm nervous though because I've never actually Been to something like this before. And I'm still rather nervous of publicly revealing myself. Anxiety kinda bums me out.

Has anyone ever been to the Littles Lock in at Edinburgh before? What's it like?

It's hard to find any ABDL Mommies/Daddies in Glasgow, in honestly I'm a bit surprised. Thought we'd have a little more, but I guess glasgow is filled with Littles!

A question I'd like to ask all the littles.

What's it like in Little space? How do you get into it? Is it fun to be in little space? Do you do it alone or with someone you trust?

I'm thinking of starting up a minecraft server. If anybody knows any abdl mods/plug-ins Please sent the my way!

If their is any little meets happening Glasgow or Edinburgh soon, Please let me know! I'd honestly would like to meet some people and ask questions about the who lifestyle. I've worn but I've never really experienced little space, so that's my question to ask.

OK, time to comprise.

Won't be fully HD, but they'll be drawn on paper AND will have not amazing quality of photos but I'll upload some!

Now what should my little toddler wannabe do?

Really want to make some art right now but my tablet is still broken. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Hoping to get a job soon that's able to co-exist with college.

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