@pilou_thewolf Let's fill some diapers and douse some fires! 😃

Just got back from fighting a house fire and boy is my diaper ready for snoofins. *chuckles*
Who's first? 😁

Husky Peeks! Mama got me all ready to take me to see The Paw Patrol Movie tonight.

BFC3...what to share about the experience?
I found myself with time to log in to the event at about 3pm Sunday afternoon. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to move myself into a Break-out room. I'm sure earlier in the event, they would have been more attentive.
I hopped into Fen's art stream for 15 minutes, took a break to finish my chores, and then back in for a half hour to attend a panel that failed to happen.
I hope the group can get a live event off for the benefit of everyone.

To commemorate the official start of the Summer Olympics, I share with you something that was new in my first kit-hood. youtu.be/Fubo97GKlSM

@BlueStar rolls back to his paws, sits beside you and Filo and gently rubs your tum-tums with the one paw and Filo's with the other.

@BlueStar Swifty meeps and giggles lots as Blue and Filo wrestle him to the floor and tickle him. He laughs so much he warms his diaper a little more. He gives them both a lick because "A kiss makes the tickle monsters go away." 😃

@BlueStar giggles at Filo and gives the little fox a gentle snoot boop. Then Swifty drops into a play crouch. His fluffy tail crinkle swishing in the air.

This is Brooke. He's one of my bestest friends and he knows just what I need and when I need it. I hope you have a friend of your own who is just like Brooke.

@littlebelgianprince those look incredible. Did you customize them yourself or did you purchase them that way?

@ABDL_Mario so many kits here have plush foxies! That really warms my heart. *hugs his tail and smiles*

@Pampdaddy so cute. Where do you get your baby clothes from?

@Glennikit I love it. OMG it looks so authentic. Like it came right off the rack in the little girl's department. Wow, it looks so good on you too. Have fun. 😁

After a couple of bottles of apple juice and a nice meal, this diaper is ready for snoofin'. Brooke asks, "Who's gunna be first?" *giggles*

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