Been watching an episode of Bluey as my "bedtime story" every night this week. *grins*

I can't say that I have a favorite yet...
...cuz they've all been super. 😁

The Pika-pika Movie was a lot of fun. This is the current condition of my Pika-boos....

All ready to go see Detective Pika-pika!

Mama and I thought a pair of Pika-boos would be appropriate for the movie in more ways than one.

*giggles and happy crinkle tail swishes*

You know how annoying it is when you put your underroos on inside out and then you struggle to use the stand-up potty because you're having trouble manipulating the pee-pee flap because it's backwards?

Yeah, me too. Why would anyone want to stop wearing diapers? 😜

Wait? There's a character limit??

Where was I?

Oh yeah, the seal around the inner thighs by the diaper leg gathers. It held it all in. It was a bit sloshy, but that made it enjoyable. A full 2 quart enema would have never held, but honestly a 2-quart enema into an "Assurance" level diaper has never held for me to date.

In the end, it held and was fun to squish around in until I was able to climax.

Not sure I'd do it again, but a positive experience all around.



On another topic...I tried the experiment of lining the inside of my diaper with plastic...all but a slit in the plastic to put my pee-pee through so it could access the absorbent liner.

I went with a Fleet Saline enema figuring that the extra liquid would add to the validity of the test.

It wasn't long after I administered the enema an got padded up that the inevitable happened...maybe 5 minutes.

Surprisingly, the elastic leg gathers of the diaper provided enough pressure to maintain a seal.


My favorite plushie Brooke is gettin' a baff. Mama said, "He needs it cuz his white fur is now a shade of "luv me gray."


I miss him already and she only just took him away. My pleas for clemency went unheeded.

Mama says, "We'll both be happier once he's finished getting cleaned and dry. It'll only be a couple days til he's air dried and you'll love him all the more."

Fine words, but I'm fussy NAOW! 😠


Sticker for waking up to a dry bed cover this morning! πŸ˜ƒ

For waking up in a dry pull up this morning. πŸ˜ƒ

Slipping into a pair of pull ups for bed.

I'd ask you all to wish me luck, but I'd bet good diapers that most of you hope I wake up in a puddle. *LOL'S*

Been padded for the last 2 days. Have to go back to adulting tomorrow. *sad face* Lately, the night after being fully padded for a night or more, I have started wearing pull ups, just in case, for a night or two, then I graduate to undies, but still sleep on a mattress pad.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who weans themselves off of diapers between days of indulgence?

I'm curious what would happen if I lined the inside of my diaper with plastic, leaving a hole to slip my pee-pee through so I could wet the diaper. But before I taped it on, slipped a glycerine suppository in and waited for the fun to begin.

I smell an experiment in the making. (I know, I know, that's not all I'm gonna smell.) πŸ˜ƒ

OMG! I found an old 3 tape, plastic backed Attends in an old box of cub supplies. Wearing them now. So soft, so thick so..., messy. *blushes*

I just saw this really cute cartoon on ABC Kids called Bluey!
You should totally check it out!

Good morning crinkle fluffs and friends! I hope this morning found you warm, wet and wonderful...and if you're into it, marvelously your padding.

Had a nice cubby day today. Started out watching the last few episodes of Hilda on Netflix, then played some Poke-Let's Go Pikachu, put myself down for a 90 minute nap, then built a Lego Fire Model I got for Yule. So far I'm in my third Northshore Supreme Lite diaper and I'll change out of that before bed.

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