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On the way to my fruit loops, I caught myself in the mirror! 🤩 feelin cute

@LittleTrainer pink is a great color & you make it look absolutely adorable

Look who's passed potty training and graduated to his first big boy pants! Do I look all grown up now? 😊



I do these posts everyonce in awhile to help you find more Abdl accounts to follow and more Abdl followers

Simply retweet this tweet and check who else retweeted it and follow whoever you wanna. Drop a comment too with ur location if wanna find locals


New city, same diaper. Holler if you’re in the UK 🇬🇧 😊

When you wake up in a wet diaper you don’t remember wetting 😅

Throwback when I had facial hair and wanted to see how a harnessed little guy looked (Jan 2018)

Heading out for drinks with a few buddies couldn’t feel safer. Cheers 🍻

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