Can you tell I’m wearing? I wore my big pants so there would be room...

Is my diaper showing? I’m about to go out in the booming metropolis of Fishers, IN and I don’t want to embarrass myself. 🤳👖

Feeling cute just laying around in my undies, may put on a diaper later 😆

“They’re still a match if they’re both Star Trek, right?” “Well the Romulans and Vulcans are basically the same species so what do say to that!”

Went out to a cute wine bar. Never had to get up for the bathroom and no one noticed my super sag. These tenas are thin but magically they haven’t let me down.

Guess I’m starting a diaper kick. I wet this one north shore max when I woke up this morning but it doesn’t really show, maybe I’ll wear it for a while.

diaper wet 

😭 bed’s all wet. I woke up and let it go this morning and it “went” straight out of the top of the back of my diaper.

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