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🎄🎄 Lot's of us have fun with Christmas presents.. 🎄 even if we might be atheists, Jewish, think Odin was right,... presents are great!
So... when will you get your presents?🎁 😁

@robinsyl I'm loving the micro-scale builds this year.

So good to have a few minutes each day sat cross-legged on the floor playing with a new little bit of Lego, not a care in the world outside it!

@Little_StuStu Grown ups can totally wear diapers too, to do all their grown up things.

Like playing with big toys, colouring in important business pictures, and so on.

@Sfnewlittle Nah, it's all about the Lego City calendar for me!

@LittleBoy94 light blue (larger) pacifer/dummy, and the dark blue strap/clip.

@mikki Also haven't been in for a while - I presume it's good to be back? They're great pics!

@Sfnewlittle weird - you should probably pee on the right side to even it up. Like, that's even permission in case a daddy asks and everything! :) :nappy_wet:

@BabyFruitloops The inverse is also almost certainly true: your calvins are better with diapers! :nappy:

@DiaperBrian "Sample response from ABDL male, appreciating the aesthetic." ;)

Cute little tummy!

@BabyDavid your bear looks very pleased with the result!

I know mine likes shiny lights that make his fur into fun colours!

@CodyDubois Something like that might have to go on the wishlist!

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