Showing off my little boy side taking a nap in his new pajamas! He doesn't come around that often.

Showing a little bit of my furry side! This is the dress I wear when I just want to relax. It's super comfy!

Who else here knows about diaper tapes? I found out about them recently & it has changed how I do diapers! ❤️ :diaper:

I've always wanted a sleepsack! And now I finally have one! The zipper even locks, so I won't be able to get out & use the potty when I should be in bed sleeping!

Which one of us do you think will finish potty training first?

How thick can your diaper get? Thick enough that crawling is easier than walking!

I finally got some May Jane shoes! Now I can finally complete my little girl look!

I'm wearing my big girl panties today because I'm a big girl. Do you think anyone can tell I'm still wearing a diaper underneath?

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