I twied to be a big boy and keep my pull-ups dry.. at least I twied.

I just wanted to shoutout some really awesome people whom I don't think are on here, except for @aulden , for being such awesome people and welcoming for me while I was in Boston for the weekend. ❤️

@aulden What's up man, there any community friendly places in Boston?

Daddy says these new goodnites are made espessally for big kids like me.. But why are they not pullups anymore 🤔

Overnight + Booster, onesie, coveralls and shorts :blobpats:

And the stars are dysfunctional, I'm not even wet..

So Cinco De Mayo was a good time. Came out to 3 friends about wearing diapers and the ABDL thing. It went really well. I also leaked like fuckin crazy and the response was 'oh let me grab you a new pair of shorts' And I got into a fresh Overnight when I got home.

@purpletasting If you're ever down in Orlando, hit me up for a beer or sowmthing 😀

Stuck intraffic, got my super stealth onesie and super quiet diaper on 🕵️ :blobpats:

Just ordered a half case of tykables and have 4 new onesies coming in from down under.. Also bought my first pair of coveralls! Now to work on the friends part lol. Hope everyone has a good day/night/morning/whatever!

@tigerkidevan Hey, welcome I guess 😎 I'm still figuring this whole thing out, but always looking for friends

Anyone know of any DL friendly munches on the CFL area going on soon? I know theres one on saturdays(?) in Tampa, I think? Looking to make friends, never really embraced this side of me before and anxious to see where it leads

Any Ab/DL Orlando guys or girls want to hang at disney springs tonight?? Age wise I'm 23, figure we may be drinking but if you want to come and aren't 21 you're still welcome! :blobpats:

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