Was an awesomes london pride yesterday ... feeling it today so this is all i am prepared to do, now wheres my bed and binky !!!!

I may have the mother in law down atm but doesnt me i shouldnt be appropriately dressed for ni ni time :-) ... chocomilk for me then sleepy byes ... sleep well everyones !!!!

Lasted all of da day ... why i love these dipees... could have worn for longer (still had some of those darn aliens) but my baf was calling ! Hope u all had a gorgoeus weekend and made lots a mess !

Padded sunday 

Space boy 

Dampious diaperious ! 


Todays attire 🙂 hope everyone is having a splendid day ! Chuddles to all u littles, bigs and everyone inbetween

Boy in rascals 

Its a nappy ! 

Boy getting ready for beddy byes 

Boy in a rascals 

Sleepy boy ! 

Boy in a nappy ... again :-) 

All clean and freshly padded ... hope everyone is having a awesomeness evening ... big chuddles to everyone from me and Benjamins brother

For those in da UK (and interested) ... A pup event i go to is now doing a Little's event too 🙂

Boy in a barebum 

Appropriately dressed :-) 

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