Please tell us why you like to wear diapers and why who even ABDL? I’m just trying to explain to a friend why someone likes it and my explanations are not enough for him. He wants to hear someone else’s version.

I’m glad my shirts are pretty long because my sleep pants love to sag >_<

Finally done with school stuff, so I decided to treat myself! After a month without, I’m nice and padded again!

You know what feels good? Working on a project all day then finally getting to relax the next!

So I’ve recently realized how submissive I am and was told that I might like a Mommy dom. Not sure where to find one of those. At least, not without thing getting uncomfortable...

Newest drawing! Zelda and Hilda from LoZ: Link between Worlds

Been trying to get into the habit of reading more. Used to read so much when I was younger. Hopefully this is a good start

Abdl diaper 

Hmm, it’s a little crooked. And I think I set it too low. But I still think it’s cute ^^

Abdl diaper 

Newest little project: printable diaper tapes from Muy-x on DeviantArt. About to see how well they fit

Anyone else excited for the new Pokemon games?

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