Does anyone else kinda find themselves between sizes? Currently right around a 36” waist and debating on trying larges haha any advice is welcome

Today’s work from home outfit! Unintentionally matching with my little pawz today lol

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Remember to wear a mask if you have to go out...also, bring a diaper change too (just to be safe)!

Talking to FedEx on the phone about losing my package of diapers like:

“Can you tell us what wasn’t in the package?”

“Uhhh medical supplies...”

God of all things to get lost in the mail for me of course it’s diapers lol

I wear peeks pretty seldom save for things like longs drives and such (like today). And man, I always forget how insane these things are. 8 hours soaked front to back lol not a baby at all 🙈

Wearing to bed more often has been super nice and relaxing lately but the one downside is the dreams where you’re around all your friends padded with nowhere to change...the worst ahhh lol

New favorite diap? Quite possibly. Loving the dinorawrz :)

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