Talking to FedEx on the phone about losing my package of diapers like:

“Can you tell us what wasn’t in the package?”

“Uhhh medical supplies...”

God of all things to get lost in the mail for me of course it’s diapers lol

I wear peeks pretty seldom save for things like longs drives and such (like today). And man, I always forget how insane these things are. 8 hours soaked front to back lol not a baby at all 🙈

Wearing to bed more often has been super nice and relaxing lately but the one downside is the dreams where you’re around all your friends padded with nowhere to change...the worst ahhh lol

Finally got around to ordering some dinorawrz and bunny hops samples :) can’t wait till abu offers them in mixed case/half case options I love them both lol

Hmmm...rly wanna do capcon 2020 but trying to get over the fear of going alone and not really knowing anybody. Maybe should just send it? 👀

Finally got around to getting some peekaboo’s :) gotta say, I think the husky is my favorite. Happy Friday!

Late night padded listening to new illenium, ahhh the feels

Anyone who has bought from onesies down under before, question: is it better to buy a size up to account for shrinking? I’m 5’9 with a 33” waist approx and am choosing between M and L. Any advice would be appreciated!

Anyone gone to Capcon solo, knowing absolutely no one? Very much wanting to go next year, but haven’t been able to convince myself to buy a ticket yet haha

It seems like a lot of the community is on Twitter and Insta. Tbh I’d love to make accounts on those platforms but am scared to death of the account being linked...I’ve heard some horror stories lol. If anyone had any tips who has both, would love to hear them!

Was going to buy me some Peekabu’s (finally) in the abu website a couple days ago and thought...nah I can wait a few days till I get paid. And now they’re sold out lol. Kicking myself rn 😅

When your friend group asks you to “pick up some diapers” for coachella to avoid porta potties for the weekend and you have a small heart attack 😅

Sundays aren’t so bad when you get to play some video games padded before bed!

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