Update: still around just dealing with a lot of mental health issues and starting school again with working so I’m a little stressed out 🥵

I think I’m starting to love one tape diapers!

I’m still here, just taking a little break. Life is a little hectic for this little one 😔

I haven’t been able to go into little space for wayyyy to long! It’s driving me crazy!

No paws left but..... I don’t feel like changing. So obviously I put on a onsie and grabbed my paw patrol blankie for nap time! 💤 :diaper_wet: :dummy_blue:

I mayyyy have bought just a few diapers.

They aren’t kidding about that baby fresh scent strip!

Does anyone have a clue how long it usually takes ABU to ship out an order

So I tried to put myself out there and try out the daddy thing, turns out that was a horrible idea. Idk what exactly went wrong but it made me extremely uncomfortable and gave me some flashbacks to being sexually assaulted.

The guy I was taking too was none to happy that I pretty much was too afraid to talk to him and, his response was not to kind.

Makes me even more reluctant to meet people from the community and put myself out there.

Turns out I was wrong, bottom tape first is better.

Diaper number 4 for the day, I don’t know why I’m peeing so much! This one started to leak 😳

Finally ordered some peekABUs, little paws, kiddos, cushies, crinklz, and MegaMax diapees!

Very excited to see if they all live up to the hype! Especially the little paws 🐾!

a throwback Thursday post from my former Tumblr blog!

Guess what little boy just ordered a paw patrol blankie!

Anyone have any suggestions for better 24/7 breathable diapers than abena M4s?

Little boy self care tips: if you get a diaper rash dont forget to give yourself some time to “air out” before you diaper up again! Lay out a blankie or a changing pad and relax for a lil bit. Then, DONT FORGET DIAPER RASH CREAM!

I took my onsie off to get a lil air after I woke up and, somebody wet my diaper really bad while I was asleep!

I dunno who keeps doing this but I’m gonna catch em one of these days 😡

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