I hope someone’s enjoying my little burst of activity! Sorry for the spam of cuteness! ​:baby_dummy:

I know a while back someone asked about baby powder fragrances and I just can’t find their post anymore buttt, my boyfriend bought me this and it’s fantastic! I spray it all over when I’m little.

Changies has occurred :diaper:

Featuring my fav stuffed animal: Organ Donor

No big means no changies till I leak! Bunny hops are sooooo comfy!

Very sick! Trying to little out to make it through! Bronchitis is not good for the baby!

Idk how all of you feel, but little me loves this floofy tutu from littles laboratory!

Big time little boy regressor!

Ever do such a good job putting on a diaper that you don’t wanna change it when you need too?

Told my best friend about my little side tonight and she was very accepting of it!

Anyone else get really tired of being alone?

I’m backkkk! I don’t know how I feel about these diapers yet, but I love the pink!

Update: still around just dealing with a lot of mental health issues and starting school again with working so I’m a little stressed out 🥵

I think I’m starting to love one tape diapers!

I’m still here, just taking a little break. Life is a little hectic for this little one 😔

I haven’t been able to go into little space for wayyyy to long! It’s driving me crazy!

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