Who are some of your favorite ABDL paterons? Their search function doesn't return a lot of hits.

@lowstar You still have paws left! Are you sure it can't wait until morning?

@james What's funny is that the solution to anti-consumer practices like this is to make your own platform, which you did. But as soon as you do, they ratchet up the anti-consumer practices! If only we could convince abdls on Twitter to all migrate over here...

@james As I understand it, it's all a scam Twitter runs to get your phone number. I guess their ToS say as soon as they get it, they're allowed to message you all they want. They "accidentally" lock out legit accounts in order to get it.

@james I finally made a Twitter account and this happened to me as soon as I followed your link. I sent an email to "support" hoping they reverse the decision, but word on the street is that it's futile.


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