Gonna try to be more active within the community. Nice to meet you all! Found this oldie from diaperkingdom days. Same kinky boy just more tattoos now 😋

Once I said I’d never mess my diapers.

This morning, I’ve messed 5 times and counting. I can’t exactly hold it.

Thank you, 1 year of mostly 24/7 wear


Getting padded by a super handsome Muscle daddy. I’m a lucky guy :)

-What's that smell???

*hides his diaper*

-Ahem, I don't smell anything .///.

(Last picture of yesterday shootings)


When you learn to your little brother how to play PS4 ! No need to worry about the potty training, we have all the necessary.

Just got back from 2 weeks in Cuba. My diaper strategy has always been to use as few landfill diapers as possible while there. This time I didn't use any! I packed 4 pocket diapers for day use and 3 Omutsu night time diapers. Plus lots of inserts.


They're fairly easy to wash in the bathroom sink in the hotel room and I would hang them on chairs on the balcony to dry. It all worked out pretty well. ☺

Was glad to have a DL friend along for my visit to DisneyLand California, since I ended up at the companion restroom after a massive doodoo accident. Eep!

a reward for making it through 90 minutes of traffic without completely losing it.

I, kind of, made an uh-oh.. :dummy_blue: :dummy_blue: :dummy_blue: (more roll-over from my tumblr)

playtime quickly became very messy...🤭 :dummy_blue: definitely need to be changed🚼s.o.s.

Though my tummy still hurts, I thought I'd share my typical afternoon "movement" with everybody! :diaper: :dummy_blue: (I seem to shoot clouds of baby powder up the back of my diaper whenever I go uh-oh like this, very childish, but fun, it's like kisses from cupid💞 )

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