If you don't say where they're from you're a baby

I am the self appointed abdl ambassador to Iowa

Yep! These are the Rearz Barnyard. I'd say they hit it out of the park with em.

Looking for advice:

If Facebook is suggesting folks in the abdl community (who I don't know) to add as friends, is it awkward to add and talk to them out of the blue? How would you feel if someone reached out to you like that?

ABUniverse have announced their new Dinorawrz Diaper! 5 designs, Peekabu core, and with hook and loop tapes!

There is a whole lot of nothing going on here 🙃

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Here is what our poor trash can looked like after @Raqulabdl spent 3 days wetting himself around NC. This baby just couldn't help himself!

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