@Raqulabdl Probably comment on the specific print.

"Oh cute, are those the new Rearz thing?"

Yep! These are the Rearz Barnyard. I'd say they hit it out of the park with em.

@Raqulabdl I strongly dislike them as a company for how they've treated the community over time - including many things that haven't quite made internet news - but they do have some interesting products.

I like Safari in general, even if the tapes are sub-standard when compared to other brands.

@Raqulabdl uhhhhhh walk up and give headpats? I don know but I do know that a headpat is a good thing. :P

I'd see if you need a change or a big bro! 😜

@Raqulabdl ummm... I’d try not to get caught staring and I’d have to hold my gym bag in front of me to hide my excitement.

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