Looking for advice:

If Facebook is suggesting folks in the abdl community (who I don't know) to add as friends, is it awkward to add and talk to them out of the blue? How would you feel if someone reached out to you like that?

@Raqulabdl i think it would depend on how open their profile is about their ABDL side

@Raqulabdl while I'll often accept friend requests from people with ABDL mutuals it's more polite in my mind to hit me up on message and have apme vanilla conversations before firing off a friend request

@Raqulabdl I prefer someone reach out to me than add me out of the blue. There have been instances when I should have talked to someone before adding them.

@Raqulabdl I do it quite frequently these days as I happen to have a lot of mutual abdl friends in the area, which having met you, you probably know there are a lot of us in the Orlando/Disney area. I always try to check profiles before I confirm someone and it’s good to send a message first sometimes, but overall never had any issues. I think it’s fairly normal to add abdl friends to Facebook, provided their profile isn’t showing abdl content, since a lot of us have non-kink friends on there 🙂

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